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Art Specs

Metro Print can accept artwork via email if the total size of your file(s) does not exceed 10 MB.  For larger file sizes, please submit your artwork via compact disk. The following guidelines should be taken into consideration when sending your artwork:

Files Supported
We support files created in Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.  We also accept PDF, EPS, and high-resolution TIFF and JPEG files. No Publisher files will be accepted.
Fonts & Images in Artwork
If your project contains images or graphics, and you do not embed them into your art, be sure to send those when submitting your artwork files.  The same applies to fonts.  If a font is missing, a substitute font will be used.  Converting fonts to outlines eliminates this problem and saves time.
Quality of Images
The print quality of any project relies heavily on the quality of the artwork submitted. Artwork containing low-resolution images is not preferred, as we cannot guarantee high quality print results. Pictures taken from the internet are typically low-resolution files.  For optimal results, please save images as high resolution .JPEG,  .TIFF or .EPS formats.  Four color and grayscale images should be at least 300 dpi. Images should also be saved in CMYK mode.
If a color or an image on your project is meant to extend past the trim size of the project, bleed is required.  Please create a 1/8” bleed around the label (1/4” total) to ensure that there will be no white spaces left on your project after the finishing process.  At least 1/4” padding is preferred around the edges of your project to ensure that no important information will be trimmed off.
We can insert barcodes into your project. Please keep in mind while designing your project that adequate space is needed to insert a barcode and have it read properly. Keep at least 1/8” of additional free white space (quiet zone) around where your barcode will be inserted to ensure that it will read correctly. 
If you would like to achieve certain PMS colors on the finished label, please make sure they are called out in the artwork as spot colors. If you want to match a certain color that is not in the Pantone swatch book, please provide us with a sample. Metro is not responsible for unexpected color variances if no specific colors or samples were provided. Please create your four-color process artwork in CMYK mode. Normally, all digital printing will be printed in CMYK mode.

If possible, please send your artwork set to the correct size of the final piece. This will eliminate additional prepress time in resizing your project for print. If you have any questions, please contact us!